Parent Pay

Parent Pay

As you may be aware, we use ParentPay as a method of communicating with our parents/carers. We are also now using it as an additional method of accepting payment for services such as purchasing school uniform, primary after school clubs and secondary after school clubs.

In order to communicate with you electronically, you need to set up an account with ParentPay which is where you will pick up all school correspondence.

You need to go to the website and activate your account via the Account Login area on the homepage of the website (top right hand side). Your username and password are generated automatically and will have been given to you via a letter home. If you have mislaid or forgotten this information, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office who will be able to provide the details for you.

New to ParentPay?

You have a secure online account, activated using a unique activation username and password; you will be prompted to change these and to keep them safe and secure as your Username and Password for future logins.

If you have two or more children at a ParentPay school, you only need to activate one account to create your ‘main account’ and then add your other children via the Add a child tab on your home page.

Already have a ParentPay account?

If you already have a ParentPay account, either with our school or another ParentPay school, you can simply login to that account and add your other children via the Add a child tab on your home page. You will need the below activation username and password to do this.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school office if you need assistance. Your support in using ParentPay will help the school enormously, thank you.