School Dinner Menus

School Dinner Menus

In January 2018 we obtained ‘The Essex Healthy Life, Healthy Eating Gold Award’, this was in conjunction with the Essex Liaison Group and the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health.

As part of achieving this award we worked with a representative from Cook4Life. Our menu is now a 3 week rolling cycle. We were able to add exciting new menu choices whilst keeping some of their existing favourites.  School dinners remain at the same cost of £2.00 per day.

There are 3 hot choices every day for pupils which include a meat choice, vegetarian choice or jacket potato. In addition to these, there is a choice of a balanced ‘grab bag’ which pupils book on a daily basis. Grab bags contain a filled roll, cucumber or carrot sticks, 2 biscuits and a drink.

There is a different menu for each term, click on the links below to see each menu. The RED are meat choices, YELLOW are vegetarian, BROWN are carbohydrate, GREEN are vegetables or salad and PURPLE are desserts.

Every day there is an extensive Salad Bar with a selection of fresh vegetables which pupils can choose to have with their meals.

We hope you like the updated menus and see the benefits of widening the pupil’s choices during an important meal time.

Autumn Term Menu

Spring Term Menu

Summer Term Menu