Specialist School Status

Specialist School Status

From September 2006, the school was recognised as a designated SEN specialist school for pupils with Communication and Interaction difficulties. This enables us to develop our ability to work with other schools, educational establishments and local community groups to develop knowledge and expertise in the areas of autism, ADHD and associated learning difficulties.

We have continued to develop our in-school practices to improve the quality of the experience for pupils with Communication and Interaction difficulties. The addition of a team of qualified speech and language therapists working in the school alongside classroom based staff has enabled us to really concentrate on developing communication skills in our pupils.

Early years degree students, trainee teachers, social workers and nurses spend time at the school learning about the nature of pupils’ difficulties and how to understand and appreciate the different approaches to young people with communication and difficulties.

Additional Support

Pupils with specific additional learning needs within the school receive additional help from the Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Partial Hearing, Speech Therapy, Counselling, Multi-sensory and any other therapeutic services as appropriate and where available to the school.

The Health Service as part of its ongoing support to the school monitors development and progress of pupils at the school. The School Doctor, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and other specialists may see pupils at sometime during their school life to review their development. Should any specific ongoing programmes be required, the Health Service will make contact with parents directly. Where pupils are receiving treatment outside of the school from the Health Service, this will be supported at school.

The Educational Psychologist will assess, review and give advice on individual pupils when appropriate.

Additional Support From School Staff

  • Mrs. Jo Hitchen is employed by the school as a Senior Specialist Speech Therapist working with children across the school. She works mainly with pupils in the ASD Resource Bases but is also available to give advice and support on general language development to staff and parents, as necessary. Two other Speech and Language Therapists are currently employed by the school and work full time in class groups.
  • A programme of activities/training for classroom based staff to use with children across the school is devised with our Occupational Therapist Mrs Donna Boygle (2 days per week).
  • Mrs Vicki Mallyon works offering additional support to pupils with cookery/life skills.
  • Mr Andrew Monk works full time supporting the development of our ICT program in both our Primary and Secondary Departments.
  • Mrs Lisa Langley and Mrs Wendy Chattaway work as Pupil Support Workers to help pupils with specific additional difficulties such as emotional support and fine motor skills support across the school.
  • The work of the Pupil Support Team is facilitated by Mrs Mel Sewell.