The Curriculum

The Curriculum

All of our pupils are on a learning journey.  The St. Christopher Underground Map aims to visually demonstrate how our young people can follow a variety of routes throughout their time with us, visiting certain ‘stations’ as and when needed and taking a new route when appropriate.

This model keeps the needs of the learner a priority as they navigate whichever ‘line’ they are on; providing appropriate differentiation and personalisation.  It is impossible to include everything we provide or offer, but this aims to show the wide range of opportunities and support available to our young people.

Our curriculum offers opportunities for learning in a wide variety of areas, at an appropriate level, depending on the pupils’ age and ability and their pathway through school.  We continue to focus on our ‘Learning Powers’ throughout the curriculum to develop an individual’s ability to reflect on their learning and build a wider range of skills to enable and encourage them to succeed.  You can see the Learning Powers ‘line’ runs through the centre of the map.

All possible efforts are made to reduce the barriers to learning which are presented through varying levels of complex learning difficulty, autism, ADHD, challenging behaviour and speech and language difficulties.

The Map covers 6 areas or ‘lines’:

  • Curriculum – including access to all the curriculum subjects, where appropriate and relevant
  • Family Support –  including preparation for transition and outside support
  • Learning Environment – including opportunity for learning outside the classroom 
  • Life Skills – including work readiness and enterprise skills
  • Assessment
  • Learning Powers

These areas focus on all aspects of learning, including play, practical experiences, offsite activities and involvement with key adults and peers.

The ‘Learning Powers’ that all staff encourage the pupils to think about are:

  • Trying something new and being curious
  • Making good choices and following instructions
  • Working with friends and having a go
  • Enjoying learning and not giving up
  • Making links and knowing my next steps

Staff continue to incorporate specialist approaches to support pupils in achieving their curriculum targets which can include; access to mentoring, 1:1 support, alternative communication systems such as PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Systems), Proloquo2go, Attention Autism, Intensive Interaction, Objects of Reference, Makaton, structured teaching approaches and Positive Handling Strategies which allow pupils to manage their own behaviour where possible. 

Our curriculum is designed to constantly evolve, ensuring the needs of the pupils and the skills of our staff are the motivation for everything we do.