The Curriculum

The Curriculum

The curriculum for pupils at The St. Christopher School Academy Trust puts the learner at the centre.  We aim to individually fulfil the needs of the learner through appropriate differentiation and personalisation.

Our curriculum offers opportunities for learning in a wide variety of areas, at an appropriate level, depending on the pupils’ age and ability.  We also make use of ‘Learning Powers’ across the curriculum to develop an individual’s ability to reflect on their learning and build a wider range of skills to enable and encourage them to succeed.  All possible efforts are made to reduce the barriers to learning which are presented through varying levels of complex learning difficulty, autism, ADHD, challenging behaviour and an inability to communicate effectively.

The curriculum covers 6 areas:

  • Personalised Curriculum
  • Family Support
  • Learning Environment
  • Life Skills & preparation for transition
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Functional IT Skills

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These areas include all aspects of learning.  This includes in the wider sense of learning and involvement with the key adults in a young person’s learning journey.

The ‘Learning Powers’ that all staff encourage the pupils to think about are:

  • I was curious
  • I tried something new
  • I followed instructions
  • I enjoyed learning
  • I made links
  • I worked with my friends
  • I had a go
  • I made good choices
  • I didn’t give up
  • I knew my next steps

Staff use some specialist approaches to support pupils in achieving their curriculum targets and these include access to counselling, 1 to 1 support, alternative communication systems such as PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Systems), sensory processing input, Intensive Interaction, signing, Objects of Reference, Makaton, structured teaching approaches and Positive Handling Strategies, which allow pupils to manage their own behaviour where possible.

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