Whole School Targets 2018-2019

Whole School Targets 2019-2020

(Approved by the Local Governing Body on 8 October 2019)

  • To ensure teaching and learning across the school remains at least good and that staff are clear about how to make further improvements through use of the new lesson observation form.
  • To focus on reading and literacy across the school ensuring all staff understand the approach and assessment criteria within these subjects.
  • To create a clear curriculum commentary about the intention of our curriculum including ‘inter-connectivity’ within curriculum units.
  • Ensure all staff are familiar with the Gatsby Benchmarks and teaching staff know how their teaching contributes to Careers learning. 
  • For pupils to make at least expected progress (80%) across Literacy, Numeracy and PSHCE.
  • To increase outdoor learning opportunities and resources for pupils across the school.
  • Liaise with MAT Partners to develop the careers curriculum to ensure statutory requirements are met, and increase opportunities to share business and enterprise                practice.